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Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Independence Day!

With the 4th of July celebrations on our horizon, it is only appropriate to plan ahead with some healthy recipes just for the occasion. The following recipes are sure to be a hit at your family or friends get together, whether or not they are health conscious! So, stay tuned for some incredible, and healthy takes on Independence Day classics!


For anyone looking to spice up the traditional grilled corn side, try a healthier take with this grilled corn salad recipe! It’s a great way to include many healthy elements to an already popular dish, while giving you space to contribute your own favorite flavors.

An especially fun and easily sharable recipe would be these hot dog and veggie skewers! Adding a fun twist to the typical 4th of July hot dog makes kebabs like these a sure hit, especially if you’re looking for good healthy alternatives. Not to mention these skewers give you the freedom to add your preferred vegetables to the mix, so you can enjoy the homemade BBQ glaze on whatever you please!

Nobody can turn down a good burger at a backyard barbeque. By including a well-liked staple in your line-up, you can help ensure there is something for everybody at your get together. This turkey burger recipe takes advantage of several substitutions to reduce sodium intake, as well as maintain a relatively low calorie per serving margin. These healthy choices all come together harmoniously to make it a front runner for your July 4th selections!

A good complimentary side can often be what it takes to complete a dish, and a simple green beans recipe with a little bit of spice is a healthy and delicious side for any main course!

For all of the spud lovers out there, having a potato variation at your cookout is a must! Though it’s no loaded baked potato, this potato salad recipe can get you your potato fix while still providing a healthier alternative!

For someone looking to impress, this classic apple pie recipe with no added-sugars is sure to be a hit! Though waiting for its preparation can prove challenging, this pie is worth the wait and will provide a more health-conscious dessert that nobody can turn down!


These recipes provide healthier twists to some classics this Independence Day, and here’s to hoping you love them! Just make sure to remember that eating healthy is an important step in improving your long-term health, but it is not the only factor, especially when you are dealing with one, or multiple chronic conditions.


How Tria Can Help

Finding time to ask questions related to your diet, conditions, and medications can be difficult. However, it’s essential to consider these factors to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tria Health provides one-on-one consultations with our clinical pharmacists to ensure you are set up for success. If Tria is available as a benefit through your health plan, and you are seeking guidance in these areas or any related to your health, make sure to get into contact. Tria Health is here to help.


With this advice and our previously discussed recipes, we hope you can enjoy a healthy and happy 4th of July this year and for the years to come! Remember to stay safe during your celebrations!



For any other questions related to your general health or medications, you can reach out to the Tria Health Desk at 913-322-8456.



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