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  • What is Tria Health?
    Tria Health is a free and confidential benefit available through select health plans. If you have a chronic condition or take multiple medications, Tria Health’s pharmacists are ready to support you in managing your health. Not only will Tria Health’s pharmacists make sure your medications are working as intended and that you’re on the right medications, but they can support you by creating a care plan that is specific to your needs and share it with your doctor. Talk to a pharmacist over the phone and receive the personalized care you deserve.
  • How do I get started?
    In order to get started with Tria Health, you'll need to schedule a consultation with a Tria Health pharmacist. You can either schedule online or by calling into our help desk at 1-888-799-8742.
  • How much does Tria Health cost?
    Tria Health is a benefit provided through your health insurance at NO COST.
  • By participating in Tria Health, am I required to change my medications or pharmacy?
    You are not required to change your doctor or your pharmacy. After speaking with your pharmacist, Tria Health may provide recommendations to you AND your doctor(s) to adjust your medication regimen that will save you money or improve your health. Your doctor will have final approval. It is important to note that in most cases, physicians agree and appreciate the recommendations from Tria Health.
  • Who is eligible for Tria Health?
    The Tria Health Pharmacy Advocate Program is a free resource for individuals and/or their dependents on select healthcare plans who take multiple medications and/or has one of the following conditions: • Asthma • Diabetes • Heart Disease • High Cholesterol • High Blood Pressure • Mental Health • Migraines • Osteoporosis • Pain • Specialty To see if Tria Health is a part of your benefits, contact your employer's HR department.
  • How do I check eligibility for myself and my dependents?
    Any plan member can check eligibility for themselves and/or dependents by calling 1-888-799-8742.
  • How long does a consultation take?
    The average consultation lasts 33 minutes. However, follow up consultations can vary in timing depending on a member's level of complexity (i.e., A member taking two medications and is meeting their health care goals is going to have a shorter consultation compared to a member taking 8+ medications).
  • What are the qualifications for a Tria Health pharmacist?
    Tria Health’s clinical pharmacists are residency-trained with board certifications in Ambulatory Care, Pharmacotherapy, Psychiatry and Infectious Disease, and all are Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists. To work at Tria Health, pharmacists must be registered, so they automatically come with some training. Our board certified pharmacists are required to do continuing education on an annual basis in order to maintain their board certification. This also applies for our CDE’s, they are required to do diabetes specific continuing education on an annual basis.
  • Does Tria Health replace my doctor?
    No. After each consultation, a customized patient care plan is developed. This care plan is shared with the member's physician(s) via a fax and phone and the member via mail, email, portal and app. Any care coordination between the physician and patient is supported by Tria Health making it easy for the patient and the physician.
  • How will I receive my virtual gift card?
    Through select health plans, you may be eligible to receive virtual gift cards for completing a consultation with a Tria Health pharmacist. You will receive your virtual prepaid MasterCard within 16 hours of a pharmacist consult. You will get an email from: The subject of the email will be: Create Your Tria Rewards Card Here!
  • What if I don’t receive my virtual gift card?
    If you don’t receive your virtual gift card email, then you can call Tria Health at 1-888-799-8742. Our member services team will assist you in finding your virtual card email or resending you a new one.
  • Where can I redeem my virtual gift card?
    Virtual cards can be used for phone/mail order or on-line purchases wherever MasterCard debit/credit is accepted. Cards can’t be transferred to cash. Cards can’t be used for subscriptions. Some options are: Amazon CVS DoorDash Instacart OptumRx Target UberEats Walmart Please note: The gift card expires a year after the delivery date of the card; however, the funds are still available.
  • What should I do if my Tria Health prescription savings card doesn’t work?
    Call the Tria Health Help Desk at 1-888-799-8742 or chat with a member advocate using the live chat below or in the app.
  • How do I know which of my medications is eligible for Tria Health's prescription savings card?
    Call the Tria Health Help Desk at 1-888-799-8742 or chat with a member advocate using the live chat below.
  • How do I request a medication reimbursement?
    There are multiple options available for Tria Health's reimbursement process! 1. Log into the patient portal and access our reimbursement form. We're able to verify your identity through the login process, which allows us to autofill most of your information. All that's left is attaching your receipts and submitting! 2. Access the PDF version of our reimbursement form. You'll need to fill out all the information, provide images of your receipts, and then either email or send your documentation to us via mail. 3. If you'd rather have assistance while processing your reimbursement, you can also talk to one of our representatives over the phone or online via our live chat option.
  • How long does it take to process a reimbursement?
    On average, processing your reimbursement claims will take between 2-4 weeks.
  • If I filled a medication a few months ago, can I still submit a reimbursement form?"
    Reimbursements are available as long as the Tria Health benefit is active through your employer. Reimbursements cannot be processed if the prescription fill date is greater than 12 months from the time the reimbursement is submitted.
  • Will Tria Health keep my information private?
    Tria Health is HIPAA compliant, and your information is not shared with anyone besides your doctor. You can download a copy of Tria Health's Privacy Policy here.
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