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30 Minutes Could Change Your Life & 
Save You Money

Tria Health's services are available through your employer’s health plan. We will help support you in managing your health, medications and healthcare budget.

Ask your human resources department today and see if you're elligible for Tria Health!


Average amount a Tria Health member saves per year.


Members who were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their healthcare experience with Tria Health.


Medication related problems identified upon initial consultation with a Tria Health pharmacist.

Personalized Care
Just For You!

At Tria Health, we understand that no health journey is the same and that each patient has different obstacles to overcome. We have the tools and resources available to customize your care plan to fit your needs.

Your Tria Health Toolkit:


Dedicated Pharmacist

We assign each member a dedicated pharmacist who understands how to achieve the maximum benefits and minimize side effects of your medications while avoiding drug interactions. 

Tria Health remote monitoring devices

Health Devices

Data points provided from remote monitoring devices can be instrumental in helping you understand more about your health and give you motivation to make the changes you need. They also provide our team at Tria Health necessary information to personalize medication decisions and lifestyle adjustments.

Tria Health mobile app

Mobile App

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  • Apple Store Logo_Black

With Tria Health’s mobile app, members can access their personalized care plan, medication list and even create a medication schedule. Members will also have access to their health device dashboards.

Care team

Coordinated Care Team

Over 95% of recommendations made by Tria Health's pharmacists were accepted by an individual's physician. Tria Health ensures your care team is working together and helping you make the best decisions for your health.

Ready to Get Started?

I cannot thank you enough for this service.
Tria Health is like a second set of eyes on my health.
Appreciate the service.

- Rhonda T.


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