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Comprehensive Care.
Results Guaranteed.

Employers need a chronic condition management solution that takes a personalized approach to member care and provides measurable success.


Average savings per engaged member per year.

3 : 1

Overall average ROI with 1.3:1 achieved solely from Rx Savings.


Medication related problems identified upon initial consultation.

Personalize & Simplify
Your Healthcare Strategy

Tria Health begins with proactive one-on-one consultations with clinical pharmacists to identify barriers to care and provide education to change member behavior. Our pharmacists have tools that help meet individual patient needs. This can help employers by eliminating multiple point solutions, simplifying their overall benefits strategy.

Remote Monitoring

Weight Management

Personalized Medicine

Remote Monitoring
& Intelligent Messaging

By starting engagement with a pharmacist consultation, Tria Health can identify members who will clinically benefit from regular testing with a remote monitoring device because not every member needs to test, thus optimizing plan costs.


When remote monitoring is needed, we have cellular-enabled devices that provide intelligent messaging based on readings to encourage behavior change. Our technology, combined with our personalized approach, allows us to provide timely and individualized care to each patient. This way, we ensure the right care is deliver to the right patient at the right time.

  • Cellular Blood Pressure Cuff

  • Digital Dashboard (Portal & Mobile App)

  • Monitoring & Outreach by Pharmacist

Blood Pressure Cuff

Tria Health's Mobile App

  • Medication Reminders

  • Medication List

  • Savings Opportunities

  • Personalized Health Care Recommendations

Smart Scale

  • Connects to Multiple Fitness Applications

  • 13 Body Composition Measurements

  • Bluetooth Capability

Tria Health's Mobile App

  • Cellular Blood Glucose Meter

  • Digital Dashboard (Portal & Mobile App)

  • Monitoring & Outreach by Pharmacist

Blood Glucose Meter

Weight Management with Long-Term Behavior Changes

Weight loss is hard. Tria's health coaches meet with members on a regular basis to provide education to overcome weight management barriers. This allows members to change their behaviors and lifestyle for lasting change.


Pharmacists can help patients determine if medication is a good option to 'kick-start' their weight loss journey, since medication should not be used as a long term solution. Tria Health works with each individual to develop the best plan, utilizing a combination of personalized coaching and technology, to develop long-term diet and exercise habits required for lasting weight management.

Personalized Medicine with Pharmacogenomics

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) looks at how DNA impacts the medications someone takes. Each person's DNA is unique and so is their body's response to medications. PGx ensures that certain medications are safe and appropriate for each individual.


The results from PGx genetic testing require an expert. Tria Health's pharmacist will review results to ensure understanding and share recommendations with physicians. This coordination of care helps improve clinical outcomes especially related to mental health, cardiovascular disease and other conditions.

100% Financial Guarantee

The Best Part of Tria Health?


Tria Health's Pharmacy Advocate Program saves on average $2,138 per engaged member per year and delivers a 3:1 ROI. In 2022, our clients received a 130% return in pharmacy savings. A third party claims analysis shows that engaged members have fewer hospital admissions, days in the hospital and fewer ER visits.

Controlling health care cost for members with chronic conditions has been a challenge for us, especially with the diabetes population.  As a national organization in the manufacturing industry, we needed to find a partner who would approach patient care differently.  Tria Health’s approach to care management was unique, as they use pharmacists as their coaches and they focused on helping people manage their medications. 

After receiving our first year results, we knew Tria Health could be a long-term partner. We experienced approximately 4:1 ROI, with roughly 80% of our investment in the first year returned in hard dollar savings. They continue to be a great partner helping the needs of our employees.

- Senior Benefits Manager

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