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Tria Health

Electronic communications that are both informative and relevant.

When you choose to receive electronic communications from Tria, there are administrative, physical, and technical safeguards in place to enhance the security of messages you receive.


Additionally, we only include the minimum necessary PHI in our electronic communications to you. Tria may send you electronic communications about:

  • General enrollment and health information

  • Scheduling and appointment reminders

  • Data from health devices such as blood glucose or blood pressure readings

  • Video consultations with a pharmacist to discuss your health

Electronic Communication Policy

​Communication is a key component to the success of Tria Health’s relationship with its members. We are committed to providing you only the most vital and relevant outreach needed to manage your health. It is how our pharmacists and member advocates ensure that we are managing and improving our members’ chronic conditions.


Technology allows us to communicate with our members and their caregivers in a variety of ways including email, online chat, SMS text messages and video chat. These media can be effective ways to outreach in your health journey. You may give your consent at any time to receive communication in these formats in your member profile.

To download a copy of Tria Health’s Electronic Communications Policy click here.

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