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Get in touch with Tria Health's media team or access resources including our media kit, brand assets and more.

Tria Health Media Kit

Looking for more information for your next article or news segment? Check out our media kit to get all the details about Tria Health and our services, or email for further information. 

About Tria Health

Tria Health is a comprehensive health benefit offered through self-insured employers for individuals with chronic conditions.

Case Studies

Get an in-depth look at how Tria Health's innovative solutions have helped clients achieve their health and financial goals.

Success Stories

Our patients have experienced a wide range of positive outcomes, and we are proud to share their success stories.

Jessica Lea

Jessica Lea_Website_edited_edited.png

Pharm.D., EMBA, BCPP

CEO of Tria Health


Larkin OKeefe_edited_edited.png

Larkin O'Keefe

President of Tria Health


Tria Health's
Expert Leadership

Jessica Lea and Larkin O'Keefe bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to Tria Health. Check out their bios for more information, their backgrounds and accomplishments.

Tria Health
Brand Assets


Download Tria Health's logo in different colors, sizes, and formats.

Colors & Imagery

The complete kit of Tria Health's branded colors and leadership headshots.

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