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Tria Health's
Commitment to

Member Privacy

Privacy matters. We know it and are committed, and legally required, to protect yours.

Your privacy is a primary concern for Tria Health. All information contained on Tria Health enrollment forms and any encounters are strictly confidential and are only shared with you and your physician.


Tria Health is committed to maintaining the privacy of your health information. We are required by law to protect certain aspects of your health care information known as Protected Health Information (PHI). As part of your enrollment in the program, you will be required to sign our HIPAA contract, which is our commitment of privacy to you.

  • Your information is kept strictly confidential and shared only between you, your Tria Health Pharmacist and your physician or designated health care provider to provide a complete coordination of care designed to improve your health.

  • Your health information is not shared in any way with your employer.

  • Any location data collected is not permanently stored. Data is stored temporarily and only for analytics and app functionality.

  • Tria Health is dedicated to legally protect your health information and complies with all HIPAA regulations.

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