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Take Charge of
Your Health

Talk to a pharmacist over the phone and start your path to a healthier you.

Pharmacists Know Medications Best

Chronic conditions are managed with medications and pharmacists are medication experts.  We start with a conversation to understand why your clinical goals are not being met.  This info (along with the magic of data and technology) helps us create a care plan for you and your doctor to get you back on track!

We start with the medication experts to set you on a path to better health

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Most people have more than one chronic condition. Focusing only on a specific condition doesn’t give a complete picture of health.

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Tria Health integrates data from multiple sources, including
remote monitoring devices, to turn relevant data into actionable

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We coordinate care between the member, their physician, caregivers and other benefit solutions to maximize care.

Connecting Care

It’s risk-free with a 100% financial guarantee.

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We Provide
Financial Savings & Health Outcomes

Tria Health provides one all-encompassing solution to prevent and manage chronic conditions. We improve health and reduce costs, guaranteed.

100% Financial Guarantee


Average savings per engaged member per year.

3 : 1

Overall average ROI with 1.3:1 achieved solely from Rx Savings.


Medication related problems identified upon initial consultation.

I cannot thank you enough for this service.
Tria Health is like a second set of eyes on my health.
Appreciate the service.

- Rhonda T.


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