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Use These Questions to Avoid Any Risky Business With Your Meds

Before starting a new prescription, over-the-counter medication or herbal supplement, discuss these questions with your pharmacist to avoid any dangerous interactions.

  1. What is this medication used for?

  2. How should I take this medication?

  3. How do I take it?

  4. How much?

  5. How often and at what time?

  6. For how long?

  7. With or without food?

  8. Will this interact with any of the other medications I take?

  9. What should I do if I miss a dose?

  10. When will the medicine begin to work?

  11. How will I know if the medicine is working? What should I do if it doesn’t seem to work?

  12. What side effects should I watch for?

  13. How long will they last?

  14. What should I do if they occur?

  15. How can I lessen the side effects?

  16. While I’m taking this medicine, should I avoid:

  17. Driving, operating machinery, etc.?

  18. Drinking alcohol?

  19. Eating certain foods?

  20. Taking certain medications?

  21. Any other precautions?

  22. How should I store this medication?

  23. Are there any special instructions about using this medication?

  24. Are there any laboratory tests that I should get while on this medication?

  25. Should I take any specific/additional dietary supplements or vitamins while on this medication?

If you have any other questions about your medications, call the Tria Help Desk at 1.888.799.TRIA (8742) to speak confidentially with a clinical pharmacist. Visit for more resources.

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