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Prepping for the Holiday “Sugar” Rush

November kicks off a season filled with travel, food, fun and family. Celebrating the holidays can be challenging for people with diabetes.

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy this holiday season!

1. Healthy & Tasty Recipes:

Remember that the holiday meal is simply a meal, not a week long feast. Preplanning meals by following a recipe is an excellent way to control carbohydrate, fat, sodium content, and more. There are many healthy, yet tasty, recipes available online that meet dietary guidelines for people with diabetes. Make sure you have healthy snacks like fresh fruits readily available when hunger strikes.

2. Set Reminders for Testing Blood Sugar

Holiday activities can interrupt your normal testing times. Don’t forget to monitor your blood sugar throughout the day. Phone reminders are a great way to preplan your testing times. Nothing is worse than realizing you’re out of testing supplies, so be proactive in obtaining refills and mindful of your pharmacy’s holiday hours.

3. Pack Extra Supplies & Medication 

Controlling your blood sugars can be more difficult during the holidays, so it is imperative to be adherent to your medications.  If you are planning on traveling, keep medicines, syringes, and blood sugar testing supplies in your carry-on rather than in checked luggage. It’s not uncommon to have a delayed flight or an airline losing your luggage. Get twice as many supplies as you usually need to travel. Identify pharmacies close to your destination in case you need a refill or an OTC product.

4. Stay Active

The best way to compensate for eating a little more than usual is to be active during and after the holidays. Taking a walk with the whole family can be a great way to integrate physical activity with family time. Indoor activities are great alternatives for cold weather. Some examples include exercise tapes/DVDs, yoga, and gym workouts.

5. Self-reflection

What’s your resolution for the upcoming year? The holidays are meant as a time to reflect. Slow down and catch up with your loved ones but focus on your own health as well. Identify what you’ve accomplished with your health and goals for the upcoming year.

Tria Health wishes you and your family a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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