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Tria Health Partners with the Mid-American Coalition on Health Care

Tria Health has

partnered with The Mid-America Coalition on Health Care (MACHC) to offer chronic condition and specialty management solutions proven to control rising health care costs and improve health outcomes for employees, which aligns with the mission of the MACHC coalition.

“20% of members drive 80% of health care costs. These members typically have chronic conditions that require medication for effective management. However, research has shown that 50% of people don’t take their medication as prescribed which elevates total health care costs. Our proven solution controls costs and improves health for an employer’s member base, like those in the coalition, so we are excited about this partnership,” said Jessica Lea, CEO, Tria Health.

“Partnering with Tria Health aligns with our commitment to identify and deliver solutions that control health care costs and improve health outcomes of our members,” said Troy Ross, president of MACHC.

With specially trained pharmacists, Tria engages with high-risk, high cost members to discuss medications and lifestyle unique to each individual. They provide necessary education and coordination of care to improve condition management, resulting in lower costs and improved health outcomes for an employer’s members.

For more information, visit or follow them on LinkedIn.

About Mid-America Coalition on Health Care

TheMid-America Coalition on Health Care is one of the oldest and largest health care business coalitions in the country, representing over 500,000 covered lives. MACHC is an employer-driven, non-profit collaboration of all health care stakeholders in the bi-state Kansas City region, seeking to improve the health and wellness of employees, their families and their community, and to develop strategies to reduce health care costs. Members include major employers, health plans, physicians, hospitals, brokers and consultants, academic institutions, public health, government, and pharmaceutical companies.


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