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Tria Health, formerly known as WellTrak, offers innovative medication therapy management committed to improving quality of care while making health care more affordable.


The number of prescriptions our society uses to effectively manage health conditions is increasing. And, 50% of people do not take their medications as directed. This issue is called, non-adherence. This medication problem is creating unmanageable health risks and costs for companies and their employees.


Non-adherence alone is an avoidable health care expense of $317 Billion a year.


Utilizing the ‘Circle of Care’ partnership model developed by Tria Health, our specially trained pharmacists work with members and their physicians to ensure medications are safe, affordable and effective.


In using medication therapy management, our goal is to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. The end result: healthier, happier, more productive employees at a lower cost.


Tria Health - Smarter. Medication. Management.
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