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Telecommuting Tips & Tricks

Image Source: Christopher Gower/Unsplash

Since the COVID-19 outbreak more people are working from home than ever and for many of us this is all new. It’s drastically different than going into the office but by using your resources and communication work will go on and you may end up being more productive than ever. Here are some tips and trick to improve productivity and encourage growth throughout this time:

  1. Create a designated workspace: Establishing a physical difference between work and home life will help keep you connected to each but not overlap one another. If you are not able to have a designated office room it’s important to create the make-shift office somewhere you don’t spend a lot of personal time (i.e., living room, kitchen, bedroom), or else it can be hard to distinguish work time versus personal time. Although your work is in the home now, they are still contrasting elements that need to be treated as so in order to stay efficient.

  2. Avoid being stuck in the same chair all day: Remember all those times you would get up from your desk to ask a question or grab something? Well since everything is virtual now it’s easy to get stuck behind that screen. Don’t forget you can take the dogs for a walk, check the mail, or take a call outside, just try your best not to get cabin fever. Creating a plan to get yourself moving throughout the day can boost productivity and allow for new routines.

  3. Overcommunicate with everyone: Working remotely is a new thing for most people so don’t feel like you’re asking a dumb question. Since verbal communication plays such a large role in the office atmosphere it’s hard to transition from popping your head over the cubicle or walking down the hall when asking a question to sending an email. It’s also important to note that most people will be working their normal hours so it can even easier to just give them a call or use Zoom.

  4. Create a routine for before, during, and after work: Accountability can be very hard during this time so creating a routine during the weekdays can prove to be effective, especially if you have others in the house with schedules. Although you are not going into the office it can be helpful to change into ‘work clothes,’ whether that’s a new pair of sweatpants, or an outfit that boosts your confidence it can help give the feeling of work and increase performance. With a routine it’s important to block off time to handle things that may be distracting to you and/or your work (i.e. kids and homework schedules, etc.). Get to know yourself during this time and how you work, don’t be afraid to recognize what distracts you and how to boost your own productivity.

  5. Take advantage of this time at home: This may be the only time you get to work from home so throw that load of laundry in at lunch. Eat lunch with your quarantine crew while you have the chance and don’t forget to wash your hands!

If you have a chronic condition, these changes may be having a larger impact on you and staying healthy now is more important than ever. While the transition from the office to home may seem simple, you need to establish a routine to ensure you’re effectively managing your health. If you have any questions related to your condition management or medications, call the Tria Health Help Desk at 1.888.799.8742. Tria Health is a no cost benefit provided through select health plans.


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