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National Pharmacist Day

Today is January 12th which means it’s National Pharmacist Day! The traditional pharmacist was seen as someone who only dispensed pills. However, pharmacists do much more than dispense pills. They are medication experts that have a wealth of knowledge to assist patients with safe medication use, potential drug interactions as well as preventative services and over the counter medications.

Why is Today Important?

Here are a few reasons that the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy gave about why pharmacists are a vital part of our community:

Pharmacists are easily accessible

Pharmacists are accessible to talk to you anytime of the week, without an appointment. They do dispense pills, but they can also provide services such as asthma care, blood pressure monitoring services, cholesterol screening, diabetes disease management, smoking cessation consultation, bone density scans for osteoporosis screening, anticoagulation management clinics and more.

Pharmacists work alongside your physician

Pharmacists communicate with your physicians to ensure that you are on the proper medications and avoid any harmful effects. They can provide the proper management for chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, etc.

Pharmacists take a whole patient into consideration

Since pharmacists are medication experts, they can improve medication adherence. They take into consideration many factors that affect a patient’s ability to take a medication. These include diet, lifestyle, transportation, language barriers and much more.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to all pharmacists! Don’t forget to say thank you to your pharmacist today. Today we express to them how much we appreciate their dedication to keep us healthy and educated on our medications.

4 Interesting Facts about Pharmacists

  1. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and Ginger Ale were all invented by pharmacists.

  2. Benjamin Franklin is considered the founding father of pharmacy.

  3. Chris Hemsworth worked in a pharmacy before he became famous.

  4. Agatha Christie was a pharmacy technician and used her experiences as inspiration for her mystery novels.

How Tria Health Pharmacists Can Help You

Tria Health was founded on the belief that pharmacists play a vital role in the management of high-risk patients that drive most of the health care spend. Tria Health’s Pharmacy Advocate Program provides one-on-one confidential counseling with a Tria Pharmacist. Your pharmacist will review how effective your medications are in treating your conditions. Your Tria Pharmacist will work with you and your physicians to reduce the risk of medication-related problems.

Want to Learn More about Tria Health Pharmacists?

Call us toll-free at 1.888.799.8742 or visit our website at



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