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Clean Medicine Start for a New Year!

Each year millions of us resolve to take better care of ourselves and families.  Often this is a resolution to eat better,  quit smoking,  be more consistent with medicines, or even lose weight to get off a medication or two.  Why not start the New Year with a clean medicine cabinet?

Gather all your medications and supplements together, and follow these guidelines:

  1. Take stock of what you have and refill chronic medications you will soon need.

  2. Expired or rarely used medications should be thrown out.

  3. If you have not used the medication or supplement in the last 6 months and do not see a likely need for it in the next 6 months dispose of this too.

  4. For tips on proper disposal, check out these guidelines on the FDA’s website or visit

  5. If possible, store all the medications together for ease of use and convenience.

  6. Pain medications or other controlled substances should be safely stored out of reach of children and other “curious” adults.

You’ll be left with a cleaner, better organized, and smaller medication supply.  This will also reduce the likelihood you go out and buy more allergy medication when Spring rolls around; because you know you already have some!

Happy New Year!


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