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Capitalizing on the Changing Health Care Delivery System

The National Business Group on Health held its 2016 Business Health Agenda Meeting in Washington, D.C. on March 2-4, 2016. This year focused on “Capitalizing on the Changing Health Care Delivery System” and the topics included ACOs, PCMHs, technology and delivery system transformations.  Throughout the conference, a common theme continued to remind me why I love being in the healthcare industry: a desire and commitment to improve quality and patient-outcomes for the healthcare system.

Key Conference Takeaways:

#1  Employers Value ACO Model & the Pharmacist Involvement in Patient Care Employers expect quality and are willing to pay for it in return for improved outcomes.  The measurement of outcomes can be managed and it is time that business principles be moved over to healthcare.  In high performing, physician-led ACO models, more than 50% patients are seen or referred to pharmacists as a part of the extended care team.  This contributed to reduced medical costs related to ER and inpatient visits.

#2  Physician-led ACO Models Performing High Level The physician role in leading patient care is an essential element for providing holistic, collaborative care to produce quality and outcomes.  All healthcare constituents need to keep the eye on this ultimate goal.  Healthcare providers (pharmacists, nurses, care coordinators, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc.) all have value to add to the patient who is at the center of this care.  It is vitally important to focus on what the patient needs not what disease state product is provided.

#3  Technology Drives Consumer Empowerment As healthcare costs and options continue to increase, patient empowerment is vital. When a patient is educated and understands their healthcare journey, they become more involved and accountable for following the recommendations given by their providers.  It is important that we find a way to use technology to drive patient engagement and education.  Patient empowerment is key to quality health outcomes.


Jessica Lea, Pharm.D., MBA

I had the honor of attending this conference to present with Cerner regarding its partnership with Tria Health. Our mission is to drive better outcomes for patients, and we are excited to help foster change in our healthcare system!

Written by: Jessica Lea, Pharm.D., MBA President & CEO, Tria Health


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