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5 Reasons MTM Matters

Tria Health’s medication therapy management (MTM) services save you (and your company) money on health care expenses. Here are a few reasons why MTM matters.

1. Most common chronic conditions are managed through medication.

About 80 percent of chronic conditions require the use of medication. Medication helps to control everything from high blood pressure to depression and heart disease to diabetes, but the sheer number of medications prescribed to these patients makes managing their conditions difficult. As more and more people are diagnosed with these conditions, managing the medications used to treat them becomes even more important.

2. People don’t always take medications the way they should be taken.

In fact, almost half of people taking medications don’t take them as prescribed. That can be for a lot of different reasons, including everything from unpleasant side effects to high costs to simply forgetting to take a medication. Tria Pharmacists educate patients so they understand why and how they should be taking their medications.

3. Lack of communication between patients and prescribers can result in poorly coordinated care.

Patients with multiple conditions often have multiple physicians, all of whom prescribe medications, but often without consulting each other. Tria Health fills this gap in care. Whenever our pharmacists make recommendations to patients, they also communicate that information to physicians.

4. Pharmacists know medication best.

Our pharmacists are clinically trained and board certified with specialties such as ambulatory care, pharmacotherapy psychiatry and infectious diseases. They take the time to analyze each patient’s conditions, medication and lifestyle, and give them personalized advice.

5. MTM delivers results.

Tria Health uses real-time pharmacy data to correct medication-related problems and identify cost saving opportunities for immediate returns.

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