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Virtual Teamwork

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Transitioning from an office to working from home can result in a multitude of changes for employees’ daily habits and mental health. Keeping employees healthy and supported promotes a productive and positive work environment. While you and your employees may not be in the office, you can still maintain your company’s culture virtually. Below you will find some options that can help boost productivity and work from home comfort.

Virtual Activities with Co-Workers

Resource: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, Teams

  1. Happy Hour

  2. Trivia Night: Charades, Heads up, Random Trivia Generator

  3. Weekly updates with team

  4. Team Building2 activities

  5. Yoga: 30-60 min.

Brain-Break Activities

  1. Yoga- Short Sessions, Quick Flow

  2. Taking a walk

  3. Get fresh air

  4. Meditation- Short Sessions

  5. Check the mail

  6. Organizing day/week/month

  7. Journal or color

  8. Stretch- Short Sessions

Staying Connected

Resources: Google Docs, Slack, Teams

  1. Photo sharing- Just because break room sharing isn’t an option anymore doesn’t mean all those photos of the dog, kids, new meals or beautiful landscaping can’t be shared. Create channels for those that want to share and keep up with others new social normal.

  2. Entertainment updates- Remember going into the office excited to chat about what happened during that new show or movie? Well try it a new virtual way- create a channel on the communication app your team uses to share your thoughts or even use one of the recommended breaks to catch up!

  3. Recommendations- With all this time at home people are beginning to discover new shows, podcasts, movies, and plenty of other activities you or your family could take advantage of. Create a channel or google doc for people to add suggestions and use as a resource when they need recommendations from trusted co-workers.

While the transition from the office to home may seem simple, establishing a routine to ensure effective health management is important. For those with chronic conditions, staying healthy now is more important than ever.

Have questions related to condition management or medications? Call the Tria Health Help Desk at 1.888.799.8742. Tria Health is a no cost benefit provided through select health plans.



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