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Tria Health Partners with the VNA of Kansas City to Improve Patient Outcomes

The Visiting Nurses Association of Kansas City (VNAKC) was recognized by the VNAA as this year’s winner of the “Innovative Partnership Award” for its partnership with Tria Health.

About Tria Health & the VNAKC:

In 2014, an in-home pharmacist grant was submitted with the objective to improve health outcomes by increasing medication education, lowering medication discrepancies and lowering re-hospitalization for Medicare patients with CHF, COPD, Diabetes and those patients taking 8 or more medications. A partnership was developed with UMKC School of Pharmacy to include the in-home pharmacist program as an option in the community rotation for senior level students. Tria Health was contracted by the VNAKC to provide preceptor and pharmacist supervision to the students.


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