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To Our Pharmacists, Thank You

American Pharmacists Month is here! Pharmacists are medication experts that have a wealth of knowledge to assist patients with safe medication use, potential drug interactions as well as preventative services and over the counter medications.


1. Pharmacists discuss your medicine with you

Pharmacists help minimize side effects and safeguard against any possible interactions with other medications that can lead to more expensive health care costs such as emergency room visits, hospitalization, etc.

2. Pharmacists work alongside your physician

Pharmacists communicate with your physicians to ensure that you are on the proper medications and avoid any harmful effects. They can provide the proper management for chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, etc.

3. Pharmacists provide guidance on preventative services

Pharmacists can provide guidance on all vaccine-preventable diseases and which immunizations are best for you. Retail pharmacists also administer vaccinations for the flu, shingles, various travel vaccines, and more.

4. Pharmacists give advice on over-the-counter medications

Pharmacists give advice on any over-the-counter medications (OTC) that may interact with your current prescription medications. It’s important to let your pharmacist know all the medications you are taking, prescribed and OTC, so that they can best assist you in your health journey.


Tyler Page, Pharm.D.

Why did you want to be a pharmacist?

I wanted to be pharmacist to improve the health and wellbeing of as many people as I could. Becoming an expert in medication therapy allows me to help a wide range of people stay in good health.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I enjoy the thrill of helping people meet their health goals and I particularly enjoy helping those who need it the most.

Who is your hero and why?

I have several, but I would have to say my dad is my biggest hero. He is a pharmacist as well and taught me a lot about the field and how to care for others.


Kristin Hodge, Pharm.D.

Why did you want to be a pharmacist?

I've always enjoyed problem solving and being very involved in helping people in any way. Being a pharmacist allows me to be easily accessible in the community as a helping hand or useful resource.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I look forward to speaking directly with patients all day, every day. It is extremely fulfilling to assist people in achieving their health goals and feeling better overall.

Who is your hero and why?

My mom has always been my hero. She always seems to have a solution to any problem and drops everything to help in any way she can. Throughout my whole life she has been my biggest supporter and the person I lean on most.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to all pharmacists and express to them how much we appreciate their dedication to keep us healthy and educated on our medications! Don’t forget to say thank you to your pharmacist this month.


Tria Health is a free and confidential benefit available through your health plan. If you have a chronic condition or take multiple medications, Tria Health’s pharmacists are ready to support you in managing your health.

Not only will Tria Health’s pharmacists make sure your medications are working as intended and that you’re on the right medications, but they can support you by creating a care plan that is specific to your needs and share it with your doctor.


Contact the Tria Health Help Desk at 1.888.799.8742



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