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Tips for Safely Storing & Disposing Your Medications

Prescription Drugs

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Taking your medications as prescribed is very important in making sure your medications work effectively. At Tria Health, our goal is to make sure you receive the best results from your medications, and sometimes, this means knowing more than just what’s on the label of your prescription bottle. Here are some guidelines for properly storing and disposing your medications.

Storing Your Medications:

  1. Keep medications in their original container.

  2. Keep away from light and heat.

  3. Do not store medications in the bathroom cabinet; can keep it in the bedroom or kitchen cabinets. If keeping it in the kitchen, make sure it is away from the stove, oven and sink to prevent any humidity or water exposure.

  4. Make sure to check the label of your prescription bottle or any other medication bottle to see if there’s any specific storage instructions such as refrigeration.

  5. Regularly check medications to see if the color has changed or there’s an odor coming from the bottle that is not normal

  6. Check expirations of prescription and over-the-counter medications

  7. Do not use medications that are expired. These might not be safe and actually be more harmful to your health than helpful.

  8. Keep all medications away from children, locked away or in a cabinet where they cannot reach it. Also, do not share any medications meant for you, with anyone else.  Studies have shown that accidental consumption of drugs not meant for that person can lead to toxicity and even death.

Disposing Your Medications:

  1. National Prescription Drug Take Back Day: This event happens twice a year and it is a place for the public to dispose of their medicines as well as learn more about medications and their potential for abuse. The next National Prescription Drug Take Back Day will occur on October 28, 2017. Check back on DEA website (DEA National Take-Back Initiative) closer to the event date, for a location near you.

  2. There is also a drug disposal box/area at some local police stations. Not every police station has one so call the office to confirm before you go.

  3. If the above two options do not work for you, you can also dispose of your medications by mixing them with kitty litter or ground coffee. Place this mixture in a sealed plastic bag. Then throw the plastic bag in your normal trash can.

  4. If disposing of prescription bottles with your personal information on it, make sure to cross out all your personal information as well as the drug name, before disposing of it in the trash.

If you have questions about your medications, call the Tria Help Desk at 1.888.799.8742.


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