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The Important Role of a Tria Pharmacist

Managing multiple medications and chronic conditions can be a challenge; especially when you have a fulltime job, family and multiple schedules to manage as well. The thought of adding another clinician to your care team may seem like a burden, however, speaking with a pharmacist about your medications is a very important step that will save you time and money in the long-run!

Tria Health Patient Success Story

Patient: 55-year old female Conditions: Diabetes & Hypertension Number of Medications: 8

This patient followed-up with all of her routine health care checkups and filled her medications at the same pharmacy. Despite her due diligence, our Tria pharmacist discovered two significant medication-related issues while speaking with the patient.

Identified Medication Issues:

  1. The patient was inadvertently taking losartan, HCTZ, and the combination tablet of losartan/HCTZ to treat hypertension. She was supposed to stop the combination tablet over 6 months ago but due to confusion, the patient continued to take it. The result of this unnecessary duplication exceeds the maximum recommended daily dose of losartan.  To resolve this issue, the Tria pharmacist called the patient’s physician and pharmacy to confirm the proper regimen.

  2. The patient was prescribed glyburide for diabetes and admitted to only using it when her blood sugar was above 200 mg/dl. The Pharmacist educated the patient on the importance of taking this medication twice a day in order to properly control her HgA1C and she agreed to start using it as prescribed.

The result? A healthier, better informed patient, and savings due to the elimination of unnecessary medication.


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