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Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss You Didn’t Know About!

Anyone thinking about losing weight often links it to common health goals. You might have a target weight, want to improve your overall health, or just feel the need to make a change. These are all great goals. However, knowing the specific health benefits can be a strong motivator for making big and lasting changes in your weight loss journey.

What are the Benefits of Weight Loss?

Given the especially well-known weight loss community, entering the space can be intimidating. However, long-term goals are what enable success, and the following benefits lay out a future anyone would be in favor of working towards.


Arthritis Weight Loss Benefits

Weight Loss can specifically target many different forms of arthritis, largely those that target load barring joints. In terms of self-care, weight loss has been found to be effective for long-term relief, specifically for Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Gout. However, if you are considering an exercise regimen to address this, it is typically recommended you avoid high impact routines such as running.

Fibromyalgia Weight Loss Benefits

Similarly to Arthritis, fibromyalgia can cause relatively consistent, chronic pain. For those who are attempting to prevent fibromyalgia, or provide relief for their existing condition, weight loss has been suggested as a prevalent combatant to fibromyalgia related pain.

Mental Health Weight Loss Benefits

Studies have also shown that weight loss can result in an improvement in mental state. This not only includes possible resolved struggles relating to depressive conditions, but improvements in memory and attention span compared to those who did not engage in weight loss measures.

Migraine Weight Loss Benefits

Specifically, those struggling with obesity are more likely to suffer from migraines. As a result, weight loss treatment has proven to be an effective method to either lessen the migraine intensity, and/or reduce their frequency.


In addition to the benefits previously mentioned, adopting a healthier lifestyle paves the way for a brighter future. Finding a plan that suits you can be challenging, but it's crucial to consult with a clinician to ensure your exercise routine and diet are both safe and effective. Also, envision a more comfortable living scenario as your end goal—this can serve as the motivation you need to begin your journey or seek out available resources!

How Does Tria Help?

Tria Health is a valuable benefit available through select employer health plans. The Choose to Lose program by Tria Health takes a personalized, hands-on approach to improving your overall health, focusing on sustainable changes to your habits and weight. For those concerned about depending on specific GLP-1 medications, Tria Health offers access to expert pharmacists who can provide tailored advice on how these medications fit into your unique health needs.


For any questions related to your medications, chronic condition(s), or health goals, you can reach out to the Tria Health Desk at 913-322-8456.


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