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Personalized Medicine: Using Your DNA to Get Your Medication Right

Pills with DNA inside

What if you knew the exact medications that worked perfectly to manage your chronic condition? Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is a cutting-edge field of medicine that revolutionizes the way we look at and treat disease using DNA. PGx utilizes genetic testing to provide information about the potential adverse effects to the body and likelihood of a given drug to cause a response. These insights can help physicians better determine which medication will be the best fit for each member, allowing for a personalized approach to medical treatment. Tria Health’s Personalize Medicine Program utilizes PGx to help members better manage their chronic conditions.

Personalized Medicine Improves Medication Effectiveness



of all medications are ineffective or minimally effective, almost entirely due to genetic variations in individuals. 1



of all individuals have at least one genetic mutation that would adversely affect their response to medications. 2,3

1.3 M


Adverse drug reactions cause more than 1.3 million emergency department visits & more than 350K hospitalizations per year. 4

Finding the Right Medication Reduces Costs

  1. Avoid additional doctor’s office visits.

  2. Help clinician select the most effective medication dosage.

  3. Maximize intended use of medication.

  4. Reduce ER visits and hospitalization.

  5. Reduce risk of adverse drug reaction.

  6. Reduce time and cost of optimizing medication.

  7. Fewer sick and lost work time days.

Who can Benefit from PGx?

PGx has many applications or use cases across medicine from mental health to oncology. The majority of medications that have PGx evidence are those used to treat mental health, cardiovascular and pain. However, this field is growing quickly, and the number of medications added continues to expand.

Tria Health and Personalized Medicine

Tria Health uses pharmacists to provide one-on-one consultations to members with chronic conditions. Because medications are the primary method of treating chronic diseases, pharmacists are the best resource to offer support.

Tria Health analyzes claims data to determine which members will benefit from PGx testing. Tria Health pharmacists will then work with the patient and their physician to get the testing complete and provide education on how to interpret and use the results.

Pharmacogenomics is a powerful tool in the healthcare world, offering a new approach to personalized medicine. By using this technology, medication treatments can be tailored to match unique genetic profiles and the results last a lifetime! This approach reduces side effects and improves health outcomes for members.

Pharmacogenomics will continue to grow in importance in the healthcare industry as the field develops and the technology becomes more widely available.

Want to Learn More?

Pharmacogenomics will be the biggest healthcare game changer in 2023! Watch our latest webinar with Jessica Lea, CEO of Tria Health, and Cameron Ahrens, Johnson County's Benefits and Wellness manager. They cover:

  • What is pharmacogenomics and how it works

  • How and why employers should integrate it into their benefits strategy

  • First-hand experiences since incorporating PGx

Watch here:


Contact the Tria Health Help Desk at 1.888.799.8742


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