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National Doctor’s Day

Image Source: Martin Brosy/Unsplash

Today we celebrate and recognize all the physicians and providers for the impact they make on their patients and the health care industry. The U.S. healthcare system now represents more than 18% of our nation’s gross domestic product. Physicians are on the front lines every day and the hours are long; the work can be stressful; but they are still there day after day. Take the time to celebrate the physicians in your life! National Doctor’s Day can be celebrated in several different ways. You can personally thank your doctor or send them a card or flowers.

At Tria Health, we coordinate with thousands of physicians across the country. Our goal is to consistently provide them the resources they need to continually provide optimal care to their patients. Tria Health’s pharmacists provide one-on-one, private consultations to members who take multiple medications and have a chronic condition. During a consultation, a pharmacist will review all a patient’s current medications, including vitamins and supplements. They then identify any opportunities for improvement, whether it be with cost or dosage. All this information is then shared with a patient’s physician(s).

Improving patient health is a team effort, and today we thank our MVPs. Be sure to reach out and thank your doctor today!


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