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Introducing Tria Health’s NEW Mobile App

Are you looking for a better way to manage your medications? With Tria Health’s new mobile app, members can receive a personalized care plan, medication list, and medication schedule. Never miss a pill again!

About Tria Health:

Tria Health reduces health care costs for employers by improving health outcomes for employees with chronic conditions. Our company is driven by an understanding that pharmacists make a difference in helping patients manage their chronic conditions. Rising health care costs are a concern for employers and health plans. Chronic conditions have a big impact on these costs because they represent 86% of total health care spend. Medication management is key to effectively managing these conditions, yet 50% of people do not take medications as prescribed increasing health risks and costs. Sixteen percent of U.S. health care spend is due to non-optimized medication use.

Since the beginning, Tria Health has provided personalized pharmacy care to members of self-insured employers and health plans. This innovative, patient-focused approach reduces costs and improves the health of their members and their bottom line.

Tria Health’s new mobile app enhances patient’s ability to interact with Tria Health and empowers them when it comes to managing their health. To access the app, members will need to enroll and complete an initial consultation with their Tria Health pharmacist. This is a requirement only because the app does not truly become beneficial until we connect it with their personalized care plan. Some features of our mobile app include a personalized care plan, medication schedule, and medication list.

Personalized Care Plan

Doctor’s appointments can leave many people feeling hurried and confused. At a doctor’s visit it is a struggle to recall everything that needs to be discussed. People must remember their medication list, the dosages of their medications, and the brand if possible. With Tria Health’s new mobile app, members can make the most of their visits by accessing their own personalized care plan. The personalized care plan contains an easily accessible medication list and pharmacist recommendations. To receive the best care possible at a doctor’s appointment, it is crucial to have an updated medication list. This feature streamlines member’s checkups, making their doctor’s visits easier than ever.

Medication Schedule

Medications play a key role in treatment, which is why medication adherence and compliance is so important. When a patient is medication adherent and compliant, they save money, healthcare resources, and have better health outcomes. However, it is difficult for patients to follow a provider’s recommended treatment plan when trying to manage multiple chronic conditions. When managing multiple conditions, forgetting to take medication is common. Tria Health’s mobile app has a medication schedule feature. This feature includes a pre-populated list of member’s current medications, allowing them to create their own personal schedule. This feature provides a place for medication-specific information creating a more efficient process so members will never forget to take their medication.

Mobile App FAQ’s

  1. Question: Is my information secure?

Answer: Yes. Tria upholds all HIPAA standards and does not share your personal information. In addition, Tria does not store any of your personal information directly on your phone to protect your privacy. As a result, every time you log in we are requesting the information from our system, which takes a little longer, but we do this to protect your privacy.

  1. Question: Why can’t I log in?

Answer: You cannot log in until after your first appointment with a Tria Health pharmacist. If you have already had your appointment and are still experiencing errors, check to see if you have completed all of the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Have you registered on the patient portal?

  2. Step 2: Have you entered the correct user ID and password on the login screen?

  3. Step 3: If you don’t remember your password, click “forgot password”.

  4. Question: I see a Chat feature on the app – can I chat with my pharmacist that way?

Answer: Your pharmacist may not have availability at the time you want to chat, but you can chat with a Member Advocate who can schedule some time with your pharmacist and/or put you in touch with someone who can answer your question.

  1. Question: Does the app cost money?

Answer: No. Tria Health’s mobile app is free for all active members.

Where to Download

Tria Health’s new mobile app is now available for download on Google Play and the Apple Store. We will be continuing to expand and add new features on our app to help our patients. Members will have the opportunity to leave feedback and help us continually improve the way we support them and other patients.

Have any questions?

Contact the Tria Health Help Desk: 1.888.799.8742


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