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Heatwave Hacks: Safety Tips for Keeping Cool

Avoiding the effects of extreme heat is essential to maintaining your health during these intense summer temperatures, and one that is often forgotten. Every person can react to these conditions very differently, so it’s important to plan additional precautions to take care of yourself. However, we are here to help you not only take the necessary steps to stay safe, but also enjoy the warm weather!


Tips to Keep Cool for the Summer

Though the effects of extreme heat can seem intimidating to manage, there are many at home solutions to manage the heat and keep you enjoying the outdoors. The following are some simple precautions that everyone should follow:

o   Keeping yourself hydrated is essential to preventing any extreme heat related injuries.

o   Take advantage of cooling rags to maintain a lower body temperature.

o   Fans become ineffective when used in excessive heat, don’t use them as your only way to cool off.

o   Never stay outside alone, in case of an adverse reaction to the weather, it is important to have someone capable of contacting the help necessary.

Keep in mind that during extreme weather conditions, it simply cannot be safe for some with chronic conditions to be outside. Make sure to stay updated on local weather coverage to ensure your and others safety!



Who is Most at Risk?

While dealing with the extreme heat can be difficult for most of the population, those with chronic medical conditions typically suffer the most. If you are diagnosed with any of the following conditions, it is important you stay cautious, or reach out to a medical professional for more information:

o   Obesity: Individuals with obesity are more susceptible to heat illness, as their bodies tend to retain more heat.

o   Cardiovascular Related Conditions (CRC’s): Increased temperatures put a lot more strain on regulatory systems, worsening the effects of CRC’s and putting you at a higher risk for heat strokes, etc.

o   Mental Health Related Conditions: Due to many medication side effects, it is important you get in contact with a pharmacist to see if you are at risk. Some mental health conditions such as dementia can also worsen your judgement in an emergency, putting you at worse risk.

o   Diabetes: Those diagnosed with diabetes get dehydrated much quicker than those without it, this makes hydrating way more important. Some diabetes complications also damage blood vessels and nerves, which makes it harder to regulate your body temperature. Insulin use can also be much more difficult when dealing with extreme heat.


If you are suffering from any of these conditions, please take the steps necessary to ensure your safety, and keep cool.


Tria Health is Here to Help

Managing a chronic condition, especially in the extreme summer temperatures can be incredibly hard to manage. Not to mention how important it is to consider the side effects of your medication when dealing with these temperatures. If Tria Health is available through your health plan, you can have a one-on-one consultation with one of our clinical pharmacists. For anyone who is looking for guidance with their medication or managing their chronic conditions in or outside of extreme heat, Tria Health is here to help.


For any questions related to how your medications could be affecting you, or how your chronic condition might be worsened due to the extreme heat, you can reach out to the Tria Health Desk at 913-322-8456.


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