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Common Questions about Foot Care and Diabetes

Managing your foot care as a person with diabetes is not as commonly talked about, but very important to your health. Bad management of feet can lead to nerve damage, poor circulation, and foot deformities and infections.

The CDC discusses common questions that people have about foot care and diabetes:

1) How often should I get my feet checked?

You should be checking your feet every day, even if they feel fine. Also, you should have your doctor check your feet and reflexes at least once a year.

2) What healthy foot care habits can I start?

- Always wear comfortable shoes and socks:

- Cross your legs at your ankles, not your knees.

- Protect your feet from hot and cold temperatures

- Keep your blood flowing by putting your feet up when

sitting and wiggling your toes occasionally

3) What are the warning signs of nerve damage?

- Changes in the shape of your feet

- Numbness, tingling, or pain in legs or feet

- Open sores or ingrown toenails

- Dry, cracked skin on your feet

Nerve damage can put you at risk of developing a foot ulcer. So, if you are experiencing any of these signs, go see your doctor immediately and seek help.

4) How can I prevent foot complications?

- Keep your blood sugar levels within target levels

- Check feet daily for sores, cuts, and bruises

- Talk to your doctor if you notice foot problems

- Have your doctor check your feet at each doctor appointment

Tria Health & Diabetes Management

If you currently are diagnosed or have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, Tria Health can assist you in managing your medications and finding a treatment plan that works for you. Diabetes is a disease that can be managed and prevented if you know what to do. At Tria Health our pharmacists are certified diabetes educators (CDEs). They educate patients on medication management, diet, and exercise so patients with diabetes can live happy and active lives and reduce the risk of serious health complications. For employers that offer Tria Health’s Diabetes Management Program, Tria provides free diabetes testing supplies including a blood glucose meter, testing strips, and a mobile app designed to help you manage your diabetes better.


Call the Tria Help Desk: 1.888.799.8742



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