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National Patient Safety Awareness Week!

Female doctor with stethoscope holding heart

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National Patient Safety Awareness Week was designed to mark a dedicated time and a platform to increase awareness about patient safety among health professionals and the public. One goal of the week is to bring together and engage health care professionals and patients to help spread this important message. One prominent safety issue in the health care world is medication mismanagement.

Did you Know?

  1. 30% Never fill their prescriptions

  2. 50% Don’t take as prescribed

  3. 41% Heart attack patients don’t take blood pressure medications

  4. 50% children with asthma don’t use inhalers.

The Benefit of Tria Health

If a patient has multiple chronic conditions or multiple physicians, it can be overwhelming and easy to confuse medications or simply be unable to afford the cost. With Tria Health you can speak one-on-one with a pharmacist to help you feel better by getting the intended results from your meds.

Additional Educational Resources:

  1. Ask Me 3 – A video on health literacy, designed to promote communication between health care providers and patients.

  2. Myths and Facts about Diagnostic Error

  3. Checklist for Getting the Right Diagnosis

Have Any Questions? Call the Tria Help Desk: 1.888.799.8742

Source:  Health & Human Services, National Institute of Health


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