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Tria Triumph 56

Tria Triumph 56

This #TriaTriumph shows how taking the steps to improve your health can not only impact you, but your friends and loved ones.

Our pharmacist had a consult with a patient who was recently diagnosed with uncontrolled blood pressure. Their average readings were in the 180’s/100’s. After some time discussing this patient’s health choices, our pharmacist discovered that this specific patient was alcohol dependent. The patient was consuming at least 2 GALLONS of whiskey each week.

The pharmacist and patient talked for a lengthy amount of time which left the patient encouraged and motivated to taper and reduce their alcohol consumption.

A month after their initial conversation, the patient was thrilled to tell our pharmacist that they were able to greatly reduce their alcohol consumption. Through a combination of alcohol cessation and medication use, the patient’s blood pressure is now near goal, with readings down to the 140’s/80’s.

The patient’s partner also commented that they have been much happier since the patient stopped drinking.

At #TriaHealth we will always be empathetic and non-judgmental as you work on improving your health. We recognize that everyone’s journey is different and want to encourage and support you through it!

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