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Tria Triumph 514

Tria Triumph 514

At Tria Health, our pharmacists review lifestyle habits to uncover any barriers to a patient’s care. #TriaTriumph

A patient that is at a high risk for developing significant complications from diabetes called in for a consultation. This patient’s HbA1c had jumped to 12%, which is remarkably higher than their goal of less than 7%.

Our pharmacist discovered that this patient was adherent with their diabetes medications. Furthermore, there was nothing overly concerning about this patient’s diet. However, when asked about beverage consumption, this patient shared that they drank at least one gallon of milk each day.

While milk in moderation can be beneficial, a gallon of milk a day contains almost 2000 calories, 72 grams of fat, and an entire day’s worth of carbohydrates.

The patient stated that no other health care professional had ever asked about their beverage consumption, so they were unaware of the problems this was creating for their diabetes and blood sugar control.

Because of the #TriaHealth program, this patient agreed to make immediate changes to their fluid intake, mainly substituting water for most of their milk. Identifying the source of this patient’s calorie and carbohydrate consumption will have a dramatic impact on their diabetes control.

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