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FDA Approves First Generic Version of EpiPen


On Thursday, The FDA approved the first generic version of EpiPen. EpiPens are designed to automatically inject a dose of epinephrine into a person’s thigh to stop an allergic reaction. The generic is made by Teva Pharmaceuticals and will compete against Mylan. Teva has not disclosed the price or release date at this time.


Since purchasing EpiPen in 2007, Mylan has drastically raised the price of EpiPen. Mylan has also had many issues with shortages and issues with their manufacturer. The FDA issued a warning to Mylan’s manufacturer Pfizer after multiple cases of EpiPen malfunctions.

Are there other EpiPen Generics?

In 2016, Mylan released its own generic version of the EpiPen that was roughly half the cost of the original price. The brand name medication can cost as much as $600 for a package of two pens. Teva’s EpiPen is the first from a competitor that is a true “therapeutic equivalent” according to the FDA. This will be the first product that can be easily substituted for customers by their pharmacists.

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