Tria Triumph: 136

Tria Triumph: 136

In this #TriaTriumph, it is evident how our tobacco cessation program has a huge impact on our patient’s overall health.

Our pharmacist was able to graduate a tobacco cessation patient today! This patient had been working on quitting for three years. She would smoke when she was stressed and felt defeated that she had not completely quit.

This patient’s biggest motivation for quitting was her daughter. Our pharmacist was able to have her focus on the small victories like not smoking in her car, cleaning up her smoking area or cutting back on a cigarette.

With lots of perseverance, this patient has not smoked a cigarette since October! She rarely has cravings anymore and when she does, she reaches for a piece of gum.

Because of the #TriaHealth program, her daughter can now enjoy family time with her on their screened in porch that is now a smoke free zone.

Quitting is not always easy or quick, but our pharmacists are here to help. They are specially trained in behavior modification and can determine if nicotine replacement is appropriate. Additionally, they coordinate care with members prescribing physicians and work with the patient on an on-going basis to develop a plan for long-term success.